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You deserve your farm dream and the opportunity to build it.

Starting the process to own your own farm can be a daunting task. It does not have to be! Let me help you design the business plan and journey you desire to make your farming dreams a reality. I will work with you to help plan a farm business strategy that will be a success in the long-run.

When you book a consultation with me, Ursina, you get an in-depth customized discussion just for your business. Nobody else's. No two farms will ever be the same and neither should the assistance you get for your farm business. We'll go over what's working for you, what is not and look for solutions to help you grow your farm to fulfill your lifelong farming dreams. In a kitchen table session I will help you:



Get your ideas out of your head and into an easy-to-follow plan

Streamline and simplify your systems to save you hours of frustration

Set reachable goals and make smart growth decisions that are aligned with your bigger vision

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and need help with your plan, let's talk.

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Kitchen Table

Business plan editing service

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Additional options

Strategy discussion &
Review of existing business plan

Kitchen Table discussion
Review & edit of business plan
Review of budgets, Cashflows

Strategy plan check-ups
Market Research
Business Expansion Strategies
& More


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