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Operating a farm is a daunting and exhilarating adventure. The Farming Frontiers Studio was born to share all the trials and tribulations I have encountered along the way as a Canadian young farmer. It was my lifelong dream to operate my own farm and if agriculture is your passion too, you're in the right place. Come explore this virtual studio of mine, pull up a chair and join this journey with me. Venture over to the guides and research I've put together in hopes they may help you with your agricultural business as well. 

I'm here to help you write your farm business plan, develop a strategy for your farm and dream up the best farm life for you. I love working with farmers to build a viable business that does not ignore the challenges that come with operating a farm.

Let's grab a coffee, a notebook and Chat Farming!

I'm Ursina,

a farmer's daughter who dreamed of one day owning her own farm and made it a reality. I took 85 neglected ewes and turned them into an ever-expanding farming operation. I love reading, spreadsheets and trail riding across my farm with my horses. I'm always excited to chat farming with anyone.

I am obsessed with all things agriculture, business and helping you navigate this messy and wonderful life that is farming. Through the blog, I'll give the good, the bad and the numbers about Canadian farming especially sheep. 


Agriculture is both ANCIENT and Modern, there is so much to discover and learn. This studio is about exploring the edges, both the exciting opportunities and dark corners of Canadian agriculture.

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