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This is the place for you if your lifelong dream has been to own and operate your own farm. Find all the resources and information you need from where to start to how to survive farming in Canada. It is entirely possible to start a career as a farm entrepreneur, all you need is some creative thinking and a heartfelt desire to do whatever it takes. Start your journey today and venture over to the guides and research I've put together to help you build your dream and make being a farmer a reality for you. So grab a coffee and a notebook and let's get started!

I'm Ursina,

a farmer's daughter who dreamed of one day owning her own farm and made it a reality. I took 85 neglected ewes and turned them into an ever-expanding farming operation. I love reading, big sweaters and trail riding across my farm with my horse. My mission? To help others turn their farm dreams into a reality and build their own farm business.

I am obsessed with all things agriculture, business and helping you navigate this messy and wonderful life that is farming. Through the blog, I'll give the good, the bad and the numbers to making this farming journey possible for you. 


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